1970 Chrysler Newport


1970 Chrysler Newport Custom 15,000 original miles

1970 Chrysler Newport Custom
15,000 original miles
383 Hi Po engine
One family ownership
All original paint, interior, carpets, tires, keys, window sticker
No Rust
Amazing Car, The ultimate "Sleeper"

Completely redesigned for 1969, the Newport was one of the few automotive lines with fresh styling. clean lines, affordable pricing and longer, wider bodies 111,499 Newports sold in the first year, keeping the Chrysler sales ahead of Cadillac and Lincoln.
The Newport continued to use the basic 124-inch wheelbase unit-body from previous model years. Known to fans as "fuselage styling" four different body styles were available: four-door sedan, two-door hardtop, convertible and station wagon.
Over 40 years later, the Chrysler Newport is still overshadowed by those other Mopar Models.
The Chrysler Newport is a real bargain for those wanting 70's Mopar muscle on a budget. The cost of a Newport for seems like a bargain when you consider that the Newport could contain the same engine as a desirable GTX or Road Runner.

Because both Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler used the same engines, parts are plentiful. According to Mark Olsen, technical advisor and member of the Plymouth Owners Club, "The one thing that everyone should remember is that any of the engines installed under the hood of a Newport from this era benefited from several years of production, and each were designed with performance intentions from the outset, so durability is not a major concern. As is the case with most engines, high mileage--well into the 130,000-plus range--will result in some internal wear; that, or a heavy foot. But then again, most original owners didn't treat their Newports like they were a Road Runner."

Our Newport started life as a 383-cu.in. V-8 that produced 290hp and 380-lbs.ft. of torque with a 9.2:1 compression ratio and a two-barrel carburetor. The original manifold and carb come with the car.
The low mile engine was converted to dual quad carburation using original Chrysler parts, matching Camshaft, MSD ignition, Exhaust headers and Dual Stainless Steel exhaust under the original owners supervision.
The car starts perfectly from cold, does not load up and settles down to a nice rumble once warmed up via its electric choke.
Suffice it to say this car is the ultimate "sleeper".

The legendary TorqueFlite automatic transmission is well built, and will provide years of trouble-free service if properly maintained.

The Rear Axle on these cars is known for its reliability and is engineered for high-load situations. An 8¾-inch differential, 2.76 ratio containing industry-standard hypoid gears and semi-floating axles, was installed on every Newport.

All Newports feature an independent front torsion bar suspension, and parallel leaf springs.

The brakes on our Newport are the optional power-assist 11.76-inch diameter front discs with single-piston calipers; power assist was advertised as reducing brake pedal effort by 50 percent.

Our Newport also has the optional Vinyl Bench Seat, Vinyl Top, Power Disc Brakes, Front and Rear Bumper Guards, Golden Tone radio, Power Steering, H78x15 Dual White Side Wall tires.
The car comes with the original Books, Tools, Jack, Spare, Bill of Sale, Window Sticker, Key Tag and all the delivery Docs.
You wont find a better preserved no rust example anywhere. This car is collector grade.
Grab 5 of your friends and go drag racing!


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383 V8


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383 V8
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